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Student Handbook

This is only a portion of the  S t u d e n t   H a n d b o o k which is provided to each student registered at Lawton.

 Principal's Message

On behalf of the staff, I welcome you (back) to Lawton Junior High.  The program we have planned is designed to help you achieve success this year and throughout your lives to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners. 

We believe that each student has the right to an education in a safe, caring and secure environment.  We also believe that in order for our students to achieve to their highest potential it is important that parents, school staff and students work collaboratively to create the most productive and positive learning environment possible.

It is our hope that the many activities throughout the school year will enable every student to enjoy a successful and rewarding year.

Student Services

Lawton School has a number of supports in place to help students who require assistance in a number of areas such as personal problems, bullying, high school registration and more.   The following people are all available to support students:

  • Teachers
  • Success Coach / Family Therapist
  • Metis Child and Family Support Worker
  • School Administration

In addition the school also has access to a number of external agencies in support of students and families.

Parent Concerns

The Lawton staff welcomes parental communication.  General comments regarding school policies and programs are best directed to the principal or assistant principal.  Specific concerns regarding individual students are best directed to the homeroom or subject area teacher.  Appointments for teacher interviews may be made at any time to discuss student progress.  Please phone (780) 471-1052 if you have concerns.


Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

We recognize the fact that families provide students with cellular phones for many different reasons.  Students are allowed to have a cell phone at Lawton. However, their use is restricted to outside of the classroom.  They may only be used during class time if the teacher gives explicit permission

Appropriate use of cellphones is an expectation. (Refer to the District Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.)  Examples of inappropriate use or technology include:  texting during class time, texting in the washrooms or hallways, videotaping, capturing digital images without expressed permission, etc.

While some students are able to focus better while listening to music, having an electronic device might pose a hazard to a student or a class.  As a result, expectations are determined by individual staff members.  Students must comply with the expectations of teachers in regard to the use of electronic devices in their classrooms and on school grounds.

Violation of this policy will result in confiscation of the electronic device for the duration of the period or school day. Failure to comply with a reasonable request regarding confiscation of the phone could be viewed as an issue of defiance.  For multiple violations, the consequence will escalate to the point where a student might not be allowed to have an electronic device at school.

The school is not responsible for stolen or lost personal electronic devices.


Locks and Lockers

Each student will be allocated a hallway locker and a gym locker.  Students are expected to keep all personal materials including books, supplies and outdoor clothing in lockers which should be locked with a combination lock.  Students should NOT SHARE their combination with anyone in order to preserve the security of the locker.



Students who arrive late delay the class, interrupt the teacher and interfere with the educational process.  Each student is personally responsible for arriving at school on time and for allowing a reasonable time to prepare for the morning or afternoon classes.

Students who arrive late for registration must check in at the office before proceeding to class and may be required to make up time missed.


Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have a RIGHT to learn in this school.  It is their RESPONSIBILITY to listen to instructions, and follow general classroom guidelines set by teachers.

Students have a RIGHT to hear and be heard.  It is their RESPONSIBILITY not to talk, shout or make loud noises when others are speaking.

Students have a RIGHT to be respected in this school.  It is their RESPONSIBILITY not to tease or bother other people or to hurt their feelings.

Students have a RIGHT to be safe in this school.  It is their RESPONSIBILITY not to threaten, kick, punch or physically or emotionally harm anyone else.

Students have a RIGHT to privacy and to their own personal space.  It is their RESPONSIBLITY to respect the personal property of others and to accept their right to privacy.