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Community Partnerships

We would like to thank all of our community partners for their investment in our students. Through  generous contributions of their resources, time or money we can offer our students additional supports and learning experiences. Our school is proud of these partnerships and their positive impact on the Lawton School family.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions CPI Construction Ltd. as a proud three-year sponsor of our Construction Lab.  Not only has CPI provided financial support, they've also helped students develop a variety of new skills by providing them hands on experience in the construction lab.   

Metis Child and Family Services (MCFS)
 has been a long term partner organization that provides a number of supports to Lawton.  Through MCFS, Lawton also receives help from the following organizations:

  • Enbridge
  • United Way In Kind Store
  • Edmonton Food Bank
  • Brick Sports Central
  • Mennonite Center for Newcomers
  • The 1003. The BEAR radio station
  • Cushman & Wakefield Real Estate
  • Hope Mission / Tegler Youth Center
  • Kids4Cameras

Lawton is also a All In For Kids school.  We would like to acknowledge the contributions of The Family Center and the many other partner organizations that support All In For Kids.  

The Harvest Vineyard Church has been a long time neighbor and supporter of Lawton School.  We appreciate all of their efforts in and around the Beverly community.