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    School Profile

    Lawton is a junior high school located in the historic Beverly neighborhood of Northeast Edmonton. Working with students in Grades 7, 8, and 9, and their families, we offer a variety of programming to meet the needs of today's students to prepare them for the challenges of high school and life.

    We have high expectations of students for their academic, personal, and social growth. Students are made aware of learning and behavioural expectations and are held accountable to these reasonable guidelines. Discipline is an essential character trait in building accountability, responsibility, and respect for self and for others. 


    Our Namesake:

    Mr. Percy Benjamin Lawton

    Percy Lawton, or P.B. as he was known was Beverly’s longest serving and best loved teacher and principal.  Mr. Lawton began teaching in Beverly in 1927 and reached the position of Supervisor of Beverly Schools before retiring in 1957, a remarkable 30 year record of service in the same jurisdiction.  During that time he taught over 805 Beverly students.

    Mr. Lawton was born in Lacombe, Alberta in 1902 and came to Edmonton as a child in 1905.  He attended Queen Alexander School and Strathcona Collegiate Institute.   He began his teaching career in Duffield and then moved to Beverly in 1927. 

    While other teachers in early Beverly used their position as a stepping stone to other opportunities, Lawton reflected that, “As soon as I arrived in Beverly, it seemed like home.”  He was known for instilling a strong work ethic, a motivation to learn and an atmosphere that helped give the town a good reputation for education.  He was recognized by Beverly in 1957 for his 30 years of outstanding service to the town.

    He remained on the job until one month before he lost his battle with cancer on January 2nd, 1962, at the age of 59.  

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Welcome to Lawton!

Lawton Farewell Celebration

On the evening of Tuesday, June 6th Lawton will be holding it's farewell celebration.  Alumni and former staff are invited to come out and tour the building one more time, sharing stories and meeting old friends one last time before the school closes at the end of this school year. The doors will be open from 6:00-8:00pm.

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Exciting Year Ahead !

The Beverly and Rundle communities are excited about the opening of the brand new Ivor Dent K-9 School in September of 2017.  With the opening of this new school Lawton Junior High will be closing at the end of June to make way for this state of the art facility.  For more information please check the Edmonton Public Schools website for details.

Lawton School will be holding a Farewell to Lawton event later in the year for former students and staff.  More information regarding this event will be posted.


Principal's Message

Welcome to Lawton Junior High School.

Lawton is a community school rich in diversity, culture and academic rigour.  We provide a safe and caring environment in which students are expected to achieve their very best.  The school is centered on the pillars of teamwork, support and respect, upon which parents, staff and the community work collaboratively to assist students in all areas of their lives.

Developing responsible citizenship is a cornerstone of education.  All students at Lawton are expected to be respectful of individuals and of the differences that make all of us unique. We have a proud tradition of community involvement that creates lasting bonds between the Beverly community and our students. 

We welcome all students and their families to Lawton and look forward to the opportunity to grow with your child in their lifetime of learning. 

Mr. G. Purschke.